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The Everyday Philosifiser (Or, The Lunitic Speaks)

Sometimes I Wonder, Sometimes I Know.

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Update.....Mostly harmless. O.K, I like alot of things, and want to do alot, but then...who doesn't?>update of an update... I like silver, and small details. I never met a book I didn't like, (cept that one, but, I decided NOT to judge it by the cover, silly me.) I'm a pack rat on a mission, I like to think of impossible things, and how to make them real. I try to come up with ways to teach myself things on my own, and if I have a tool I don't know how to use, I'll come up with a use for it. I have many nicknames, but none my friends probobly know...at least the friends I have outside of work. I believe love is like a drug, the longer you go without, the less you think you need it. (I mean the love from, and to someone you've fallin for.) I have a small tribe of monkeyes on my back, but don't try to get rid of them, they keep the head mice away. That's all for now...............N.
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